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Thu, Jan 14, 2010


You may recall an article I wrote late last year on Correlated Magnetics Research, a company from Alabama who has created and produced what they were calling “programmable” magnets.

Since then, I’ve had the chance to play with a number of their prototypes.  I had initially been a little confused as to what the technology was all about, but having a chance to play with the different configurations gave me a better feel.  In addition, earlier this week, Design World magazine published an article with an update on the correlated magnetics technology, with a couple of videos. I had some difficulties getting the first video to play, but the second gives a good overview of the products and how they work.

As the Design World article says:

You can program, or code, the behavior of complementary magnetic structures by varying the polarity (and optionally the field strengths) of each source of the arrays of magnetic sources making up each structure. This capability, along with a cost-effective manufacturing capability, provides a multi-dimensional framework for design and development of magnets having unique spatial force functions that meet specific alignment, coupling, and release criteria.

Check out the new article today. I am told that a team from Correlated will be attending the Magnetics 2010 Conference in Florida, and will be bringing a bunch of prototypes with them.  If you’re attending the meeting, take the chance to have a play with these magnets.

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3 Responses to “More News On Correlated Magnetics”

  1. Ron Jewell Says:

    Thanks Gareth. Leslie Langnau of Design World Online did a terrific job communicating the basics of these new capabilities sure to be of interest to design engineers in their readership. Correlated Magnetics will indeed be participating at the Magnetics 2010 conference in Orlando(Exhibit Booth #109). We look forward to providing hands-on demonstrations and technical details for anyone interested in this new technology.

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