Upcoming Magnetics Training Events In The USA

Sat, Jan 9, 2010


There are a couple of training events coming up in the next month or so, which anyone interested in learning more about the technical aspects of permanent magnets, magnetizing and testing might be interested in attending.

The first takes places on the day before the Magnetics Conference in Orlando, Florida, and is being run by Dr. Peter Campbell in conjunction with that event. Peter is a highly experienced technical expert on magnetics and does an excellent job when it comes to teaching and training on magnetics:

The Selection and Design of Permanent Magnet Materials in Today’s Economic Climate

January 27, 2010 8AM – 5PM : Disney Hilton, Orlando, Florida, USA

Instructor: Dr. Peter Campbell

From the organizers: “This workshop will explain the available tradeoffs for all the major types of permanent magnet material, sintered and bonded, anisotropic and isotropic, and provide an overview of the prospects for any important new material developments.  It will provide a thorough explanation of magnetic circuit design incorporating permanent magnets, including how to assess the magnet’s stability, and demonstrate how finite element analysis is used to validate and optimize a design.  Relevant case studies will be used as illustrations throughout the workshop.”

Cost: $695

Web site: http://www.magneticsmagazine.com/conf-2010/mag_conf10_workshops.php

The second event, which only popped up on my radar screen last week, is being run by three companies involved in magnets [Alliance LLC], magnetic sensors [austriamicrosystems USA Inc] and magnetizing and testing [Magsys Magnet Systems]. It looks like it will be a good practical introduction to these subjects:

Magnetics Workshop for the Automotive & Alternative Energy Industry

February 1, 2010 9AM – 5PM : Michigan State University, Troy, Michigan, USA

Instructors: Dan Vukovich, James Murphy & John Michalik

From the organizers: “This is a one day workshop tailored to bring an understanding of design, pricing and selection criteria for magnetic materials, equipment used for magnetizing and testing, and the design and application of magnetics sensors. the workshop is formatted specifically for professionals in the automotive and Alternative Energy industries. Presentations will include theory, practical design, application examples and market information.

Cost: $120

Brochure Web site: https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B62nxVIP5PHKYjMwYTNiNTEtMjIzMS00YjI3LTllMDUtMjMxNjNhZjQ3OTE5&hl=en

Registration Web site: https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B62nxVIP5PHKZDc3YjJkN2QtM2IwOC00ZDBhLTk3ZDEtYTUyMjI5YTMwZmZj&hl=en

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