US Rare Earths, Inc.: A Discussion With Ed Cowle And Jack Lifton

Mon, Nov 23, 2009

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Last week, I spent over an hour with Ed Cowle, CEO of U.S. Rare Earths, Inc., a privately-held rare earths junior mining company, and Jack Lifton, Founding Editor of The Jack Lifton Report and a consultant to U.S. Rare Earths. The discussion was prompted by an earlier post over at the RareMetalBlog Web site, concerning the company’s recent name change.

Rare earths are, of course, a critical component for the production of high performance permanent magnets. The procurement of rare earth elements for magnets and other applications is these days a hot topic, given that demand is predicted by many to outstrip supply within the next 3-5 years.

The conversation with Ed and Jack was certainly lively and we covered a range of subjects, including:

  • The history of US Rare Earths and the reasons for its┬árecent name change from Thorium Energy;
  • An update on the company’s Lehmi Pass and Diamond Creek properties;
  • The value of thorium as a rare metal;
  • Why Jack thinks that Diamond Creek is one of the most accessible, undeveloped rare earth resources with significant heavy rare earth elements in North America;
  • The value of being a US-owned company when dealing with the Department of Defense;
  • The current level of understanding of rare earths in Washington;
  • The critical & strategic nature of rare earths at the present time;
  • The effects of the global financial crisis on the ability of junior miners to raise capital;
  • A recently proposed national rare earth processing facility;
  • And plenty of other stuff too.

I had a chance to take the audio of the one hour of discussions with Ed and Jack, and transcribed it into an 11-page article, now available for download from the Terra Magnetica Web site via:


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13 Responses to “US Rare Earths, Inc.: A Discussion With Ed Cowle And Jack Lifton”

  1. Patrick Kennedy Says:

    Mr. Hatch,
    The entire in-depth interview with Ed Cowle and Jack Lifton should be required reading for anyone interested in investing in rare earths. Your questions and comments were right on the mark. U.S. Rare Earths, Inc. should be on everyone’s investment radar after reading the taped transcripts (to bad you were not able to get it on video – I bet it would have in demand). Great job!

  2. Pete Peltier Says:

    Thanks for sharing a very informative overview and background to this intriguing Company, it’s key Managers, and the scope of the potential opportunity. I was impressed by their understanding of the ramifications that come with certain forms of funding and the patience that appears to be imbedded in their business plan. Please keep us posted on further developments in this arena as appropriate.

    Your meticulous rendition of the interview with Cowle and Lifton brings back fond memories of your similar efforts at our Senior Management meetings. :-)

  3. Gareth Hatch Says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Pete :-) I’ll be sure to post more here as things arise.

  4. pappaknotts Says:

    This is a profound insight in the cornerstone of our energy transformation here in the good ol USA. I am thankful there are likeminded folks out there like you who understand what is really going on. Good work! Fossil Fuels are in their twilight years. Lets get the clean energy moevement rolling!

    John Knott

  5. ThorDBD, Inc. Says:

    Is it me or did everyone miss the fact that this is not a publicly traded company? I cruised the internet for like an hour trying to find it and can’t find anything. Can anyone tell me what the stock symbol is? If it isn’t publicly traded it should be. Thanks

  6. Gareth Hatch Says:

    John: thank you for the comments.

    ThorDBD: The company is privately-held and is NOT publicly-traded. I know they had some problems with their web site today – apparently the wide publicity on US Rare Earths Inc. across multiple channels today, led to so many visitors to their Web site at that it crashed the servers.

  7. Tony Says:

    What are the possibilities of investing in a privately owned company? Now that the word is out on RARE EARTH do u think they will go public? I WANT IN!

  8. Tony Says:

    I found phone # to rare earth holdings in blanky blank blank .If site is still down I gotta call. What about MOLYCORP. Do u have info on them.

  9. Gareth Hatch Says:

    Tony: Molycorp Minerals is also a privately-held company. There has been speculation for months that Molycorp will do an IPO in the near future – I have no details on that though, and again at this point, it is just speculation.

    What are the possibilities of investing in a privately-held company? That is not my area of expertise, but I would imagine that this might be done by becoming a client of an institutional broker who is running the financing for privately-held companies in a sector of interest. The challenge of course is that the window opens and closes so quickly with those types of offerings, and there are no doubt other complexities involved.

    There are numerous publicly-traded rare earth companies – check out for more details on some of those.

  10. Martin Pitts Says:

    I do know there has been interest in the deposits of Thorium in the Iron hill, Powderhorn area of Gunnison County, Colorado.
    There are numerous papers and research done on this “Carbonitite” deposit.
    Once there is a high demand, then the obscure sources of info will available. Good Luck.


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