DMTC Hosts 2nd Annual Strategic Materials Conference

The Defense Metals Technology Center [DMTC], based in North Canton, Ohio, is hosting its 2nd Annual Strategic Materials Conference [SMC] during Feb 1-2, 2010 in Cleveland, Ohio.

According to the DMTC Web site:

The Defense Metals Technology Center (DMTC) was formed in January, 2007 in order to establish an industrial base capable of affordably producing such strategic metals. The organization addresses the identified needs of the U.S. Military in the development and manufacture of vital defense materials.

The DMTC indicates that the first SMC, held in April of last year, involved more than 110 participants from the USA and abroad.  The DMTC Web site goes on to say:

Building on the success of the inaugural Strategic Materials Conference in April 2009, the Defense Metals Technology Center will convene SMC 2010. This event will focus principally on rare earth metals, building on the well-received panel discussion on high performance magnets and a Rare Earth Metals Strategic Sourcing Forum to be sponsored by the DMTC in November 2009.

Unlike the first event in this series, which was invitation-only, the DMTC has apparently opened attendance at this meeting to anyone that registers.  More details on the event can be found at the SMC Web site.

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2 Responses to “DMTC Hosts 2nd Annual Strategic Materials Conference”

  1. Tim Starns Says:

    Hi Gareth,

    I was writing to ask if you have picked up any chatter about anyone proposing to build ore processing facilities? I read one article about NICOR ?? proposing a cobalt facility just north of Saskatoon. I’m not sure whether that facility would also be processing REEs. I can’t help but think that NEO Materials would be in the forefront here too.
    I haven’t heard anything from anyone including GWG about who will build such a facility. Judging from what I’ve read about Mountain Pass, there are some enviornmental issues with the tailings. Have you looked into this, and if you have, could you direct me into an area that would provide information about the process facilities, tailings, and potential constructors?

    Best regards,

    Tim Starns.

  2. Gareth Hatch Says:


    There are certainly some rumblings on this subject. I understand that an iron ore company in Missouri is proposing something along these lines, but amidst some controversy as to how it would all work out. Also, the US Magnet Materials Association has a link on their Web site to a draft of something called the Rare Earth Supply-Chain Technology and Resources Transformation (RESTART) Act of 2009, available at . It includes some language that describes how facilities of this kind might look.

    As for the actual logistics and construction side of such facilities, I don’t have any info on that at this time, but will keep my ear to the ground :-)